On taking up crochet, one thing in particular starts happening very quickly:  an obsession with yarn.

I’m not sure how it is for others – maybe some people start trawling patterns first, and then make a shopping list of what they need.  But I seem to be always on some driven, never-ending hunt for colours, textures, fibres.  In the early days, I crocheted some snowflakes in different colours and weights, which led to a natural conclusion of what was and wasn’t snowflakey.  I didn’t even bother blocking this one.

And this improvised shape turned out to be… a wonky swatch of sorts.

Then I had to keep finding more suitable yarns for snowflakes, some worked better than others.

Finer weights

...or wool

and alternative cold colours.

It wasn’t that I got bored with snowflakes, but the new crochet spark ignited the next phase very quickly.  I now wanted to crochet in my favourite fibres:  hemp, cotton.  Maybe try flax or ramie.
Of course wool presented an array of possibilities and then there were acrylics with their vibrant colours.

Yarn could also be something I conjured myself, or re-purposed.

I love the idea of reclaimed yarn and yarn made from plastic bags – a great tutorial here.

With charity projects lining up, I got my hands on anything I could, often buying out stock in charity shops,  or finding forgotten balls of musty old yarn

And bringing home bags of frogged yarn (the old Grace Bros bag a find in itself!)

The next thing you know, you have yarn tumbling out of every crevice. 
The next job would be to think about storage and organisation.  So far, I am going to use old suitcases.  Here is the start of the cotton stash in a 60's beauty case.

These days I can completely relate to those who refer to ‘never having enough’ yarn.  And mind-boggled onlookers who say in disbelief “…but I thought you just bought some yarn.  Do you really need more?”  I know many of you out there know exactly what I’m talking about.


  1. I am a SABLE-er: Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy. I get the same question from my husband (Do you really need more?) and knowing (and accepting) glances from my yarn friends. There is something completely addictive about fibres, whether it's colour, texture or process. I've recently found myself wanting to learn more about different sources of fibres and hand dying. IMO, once you begin something like knitting or crochet, you are invited into a whole other world. Welcome!

    1. Thank you, great acronym! What you said is very true, and funnily enough, the next door is opening for me...(see new post). Looking forward to seeing where this goes for both of us!