Saved by colour

I was making the scarf for a women’s refuge which had requested items for women and children.  It was the only thing I could realistically attempt with the limited time and experience I had.
I had been saving some soft pure wool for something like this.  A rich navy blue, a hue that I really like.  (I wonder what colour your monitor will show..?)

I started with the quickest stitch I knew, treble crochet.  I’d finally mastered the turning stitch at the end of the row.  This was something I’d had to undo many times.  I must break that habit of ‘hope for the best’!
I pressed on, and thought to add some fancy to break up the colour, so added 2 rows of a grey-pink.  I had to frenzily crochet to get this done in time, so I blitzed back into the navy.  As the scarf grew, it occurred to me that it was looking more and more like a men’s scarf!  How I wished I knew how to do love hearts and flowers!

As much as I loved this colour, and would have worn it myself, I thought this women’s scarf had to look more feminine.  So I sorted through the charity stash and started adding purples and pinks.

This part of the making, the improvising, was very enjoyable.  The work was growing and evolving.  I still didn’t know how it would look finished.  I could even add a love heart if I got ahead of time.
I found myself daydreaming about what could be added – a granny square, a pattern or motif.  

So, this was the secret to enjoying colour!  Now I knew what people meant by ‘endless possibilities’. 
Then I got really lucky and the deadline for this donation got extended.  So onto the matching gloves…

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