Working without a Pattern

This month I’ve been trying out some different things, which is leading me up another new path.

I could not resist reaching for the crochet hook when one day, I was given a key to use.  Quite lonesome it was, this little key.  So I decided to crochet a keyring and then leave it as a gift for the key’s owner.  I got hold of some scraps and just wove round till I got a little something.  Then the thought occurred to me to add a bit of colour.  That small idea and seeing it come to life with a pleasing aesthetic sets off a tiny spark of energy.  This is creativity.

I also made a big black granny square.  I wondered about it being too ominous.  But since finishing, I like it for its refusal of colour, its rebel gothness, a dark black web.

And that lovely woollen htc solid square brought so much joy that I thought of making it all over again.  However this time I needed to make a larger size and speed up a bit.  So why not try doing the same thing using trebles instead?  I went for it and it’s turning out just fine.

Not using patterns, plucking ideas out of thin air.  Making things that I’ve never seen nor read about anywhere.  It’s lots of fun.