What is a Crochet-A-Long ("CAL")?  A pattern is released a little bit at a time, and you crochet according to the instructions, not knowing what the final product will be.  The fun part is that people from all over are working on it at the same time, and it gets very exciting when more and more of the pattern is released and your piece evolves!

This one that I've been working on is for my lovely group, Knit4Charities and their conference and Charity of the Month project.

Well I still don't know how the final piece is going to look.  But I've learnt stitches and techniques, all of them new to me.

Finally I got all my squares and triangles right and the same size

And completed Part 2, which was the most difficult so far - to decipher and crochet!  I also got to create a border by pattern (rather than by experiment)

This square for Part 3 had me doing Puff Stitch for the first time

CALS can be found anywhere amongst crochet and knit groups.  Sometimes bloggers will put one together for their followers.  Being part of a CAL is a really good way to challenge yourself and learn a heap of new stuff, alongside all the other people happily crocheting-a-long in unison.