The Biggest Ever

I’ve just finished the biggest item I’ve ever crocheted, and it’s a ‘real’ item:  a baby blanket.

It’s taken a long time to get here.  It seems like another lifetime when I was making, failing and re-making my cream squares for the crochet-a-long.  Where would it end?

After the squares and corners were all done, I next made the centre star.  It was kind of like doing a gigantic snowflake, working in the round, using easy granny stitches.

I was pleased with myself when I could increase the stitch heights from dc, htr, tr to dtr just by knowing the stitches and without having to check instructions.

It can get hot working with a large woolly item in your lap in the summer.  So I rested the work on my homemade timber slab-stool, like a tray.  Even better, the stool is made with open slats so there is lots of airflow.  I sat many hours recovering from the flu, watching the cricket and crocheting on my slab – bliss!

Finally I finished the star and next was sewing together – another first for me. 

I checked different methods and went with this one.  I still don’t know whether it was the best choice, which is kind of exciting because it means there is more to discover yet.

Completing with the victory border rounds was a relief – an end in sight!  When I made the big black granny, I took mum’s advice and added one more round of double crochet. 

This was to dissolve a baffling mystery corner that was sticking out, and to ‘finish off’ the edge.  

So I did the same here with a final border round of dc.  You can see the finish is much more solid than without.

So that, for me, was mammoth.  The question is, will I ever make something so ‘big’ again?  I can’t even fathom a bedspread.