Trying new things

People ask me what I am going to do with my snowflakes.  They quickly move on to suggest “you could make a hanging”.   Another said “But what’s it for?  Oh I know, it’s a coaster!  But I was quite pleased to be making ‘useless’ snowflakes rather than headbands and cushion covers.
One of my weaknesses is being pragmatic.  If it’s not practical, bin it.  So for the first time, there is great meaning in making something purely for pleasure and nothing beyond that.

But I wanted more!  Now that I was into crochet, it was time to poke around the net, first stop being Ravelry, and then following on with the plethora of endless blogs and tutorials.
One very exciting venture was cutting up rags (reclaiming yarn) and crocheting it into a bowl.  I found this pattern by Lisa Tilse here via Homespun.

Then I got hold of one of my favourite fibres, hemp, and made a swatch, which I later decided to use as a skin scrubber in the shower.   It has a lovely raw grassy scent when wet.

I also chose to make this collar by Crafty Queens as a project while I was away travelling.  It had easy stitches and I could use my snowflake yarn.

Anything was possible now.  Which way next?


  1. Love it! Now you are well and truly hooked.. Soon you will experience the joy of 'craftonising' - too many ideas, not enough time. But oh the possibilities! :)

    1. Thankyou-thankyou! It is all in the name of fun and look what fun there is for all to share...:)