Experimenting with Squares

I wanted to try out some patterns from my Jan Eaton book, just for the sake of experimenting and learning really.

I was pleased with the way a mix of wool and cotton went ok, although I’m not sure if it’s against ‘the rules’ (which I never follow anyway!)

What I didn’t quite manage was the colour change neatly and consistently.

I got a bit lazy counting stitches and the number of yarn overs per bobble!

And that ‘common problem’ of the turning stitch would still pester me after the piece was finished and I could see where the edges shrink and grow.  My haphazard ways were teaching me a lesson!

I set to work on a basic white double crochet square – no distractions of colour, stitch or size.  This time I would do the turning stitch mindfully and work regularly (a tall order for me) so that I could actually remember what I’d done in the previous row!

Well it paid off when I got a perfect square.  I purposely avoid the perfection game so it was a pleasant surprise.

I followed a simple picture – pattern I’d seen on Pinterest.  And the little white square turned into a bunny!

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  1. Oh, that's so cute! Thanks for sharing the link! I'm going to make one, too!